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Stone-Dance 2017 silver&gold collection

"the only one in the world"

a true jewel ,one piece in the world.

there are various techniques of jewelry making

such as handmade , wax casting , pressing ,

and lately also 3D printing .

in the long history of jewelry making handmade was the main way for making a jewel pice ,

but since the late 80's the casting method for jewelry making become the mainstream and casting frame accounts for more then 90% of all jewelry in the market today.

due to progress in technology and the demand for mass production of low cost jewelry.

casting jewelry are made by cast frame , then filling the cast frame with melted silver or gold ,

the same cast frame can be casted over and over again a thousands of times.

all of Stone-Dance jewelry are produced by hand,

and are made one by one and all are one of a kind.

we are all unique in our own way ,

so why not to wear a unique pice of jewelry.


"the only one in the world" 

Stone-Dance 2016 silver&gold collection

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